Shop for your mortgage early. Why?

  1. So you can understand the entire cost associated with buying a home. Closing costs, down payments, and having a safety net to fall back on in case something needs to be repaired once your purchase a home.
  2. Knowing how much you can afford to spend and how much you want to spend is very important. You need to choose properties based on what you feel comfortable spending.
  3. Choosing the right type of mortgage. There are many options out there – some of which require low down payments. Talking with a mortgage loan officer about which option will work best for you financially is a very important step.
  4. Loan officers can usually give you tips on ways to improve your credit if you are still a year or so out from purchasing a home. Good credit means lower interest rates.
  5. Finally, get pre-approved! You cannot write an offer without a pre-approval letter and if you wait until you find the perfect house you could very well miss out on the opportunity to even make an offer.

My clients have had excellent experiences with Peter and a local community bank. Fees are low and customer service is exceptional.

Give Peter a call and he can have you pre-approved in a quick phone conversation. Be sure to have bank statements and your most recent W2. An idea on your credit score doesn’t hurt, either, but he will most likely run it to verify.

Peter Palumbo

Mortgage Loan Officer


Office: 215-504-6590 ext. 5309

Cell Phone: 267-424-9061

Email: [email protected]

Want to Calculate a Mortgage Payment?

Click here to run a mortgage calculator and determine what payment and price point you are most comfortable with.

There are also calculators that will help you decide if you should rent or buy, or if you should refinance your current loan.