Specializing in the Sale & Purchase of Bucks County Farmhouses, Historic Properties, and Older Homes.

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Whether you are looking to buy or sell a Bucks County Farmhouse, Kim Bartells is an insightful real estate professional offering an advanced level of knowledge in era architectural details that make Bucks County Farmhouses such sought after homes.

Every agent knows farmhouses have deep window sills, Kim knows it goes far beyond that.  Their unique features are sought after by discerning buyers from our local market, to Philly, to NJ, to NYC.

A marketing strategy must encompass not only local agents and potential buyers, but those who are outside our market area, or who may not even be actively looking. Marketing for sale a Bucks County Farmhouse requires creativity, resources, and a higher level of marketing dexterity.

All marketing mediums must be accurately and effectively used including direct mail, print, and most importantly, internet marketing.

It has been said that women fall in love with their ears and men with their eyes.  So, attention must be paid to every detail.

Distinctive Marketing for Farmhouse & Historic Properties:

  • Most importantly, an Accurate Valuation.  Determining the value of a farmhouse, it’s property and amenities takes a skill set that can only be derived from experience representing these unique homes.  No amount of marketing and staging can sell an inaccurately priced property.
  • Exemplary Property Presentation to Agents & Buyers including a Bound Book with all Property Facets, Renovations, Plot Plan, Floor Plans, History, and Amenities.
  • Creative Copy that focuses on the lifestyle one would enjoy if they purchased a timeless Bucks County Farmhouse, while also highlighting the specific traits that make your property unrivaled.
  • Research Based Niche Marketing that targets those specific buyer demographics most likely to purchase a Farmhouse.  My personal market research and experience selling Farmhouses & Historic Properties allows my clients to benefit from this exclusive exposure.
  • Professional Photography and Floor Plans.  
  • Virtual tour that allows the buyer to tour your Farmhouse from their Living Room.  This includes aerial photography and videography for a comprehensive perspective on the home and property.
  • Exposure to my personal database of Bucks County Farmhouse owners and potential buyers.
  • Represented Showings: I will attend all showings of the home to convey the homes story and attributes, overcome objections, discuss relevant sales, and close.
  • Access to my contacts within the Equestrian Community.

These are just some of the basics to my marketing strategy.  Contact me for an exclusive e-presentation on my Bucks County Farmhouse Marketing Strategy that includes my proprietary system.

Bucks County Farmhouse Resale Statistics

Farmhouse Resale Statistics