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Whether you are looking to buy or sell a Bucks County Farmhouse, Kim Bartells is the premier agent in the field offering an advanced level of knowledge when it comes to the era architectural details that make Bucks County Farmhouses such sought after homes.

Every agent knows farmhouses have deep window sills, Kim knows if goes far beyond that.  Their unique features are sought after by discerning buyers from our local market, to Philly, to NJ, to NYC.

A marketing strategy must encompass not only local agents and potential buyers, but those who are outside our market area, or who may not even be actively looking.

Marketing for sale a Bucks County Farmhouse take creativity, resources, and a higher level of marketing expertise.  All marketing mediums must be accurately and effectively used including direct mail, print, and most importantly, internet marketing.

Each home Kim lists receives:

  • Its own website specifically keyworded to attract Farmhouse buyers and provide information on local schools, area attractions, and amenities.
  • Professionally designed marketing materials including brochures, print mail, and internet advertisements.
  • Descriptive, professional copy geared towards creating the desire for a potential buyer to schedule a showing, or find out more information.
  • Social Media advertising targeting specific demographics based on my personal market research and experience selling this style home.
  • Professional, wide-angle lens photography goes without saying.
  • Professional virtual tour that is just like walking through the home yourself and includes aerial imagery.
  • Access to my personal database of Bucks County Farmhouse owners and potential buyers.

Those are just some of the basics to my marketing strategy.  Contact me for more details on what I have to offer my Farmhouse clients.

• One of three original colonies established by William Penn
• Rich farmland
• Northampton County was originally part of Bucks
• Different ethnic groups brought their own building traditions
• Originally settlers were the English Quakers
• ‘Walking Purchase’ of 1737 officially opened northern half of county to settlement
• Drove out Lenape Indians

• Bays = window/door opening
• Piles = rooms deep
• Kitchen was functional. No added expense on details.
• Known for expanded sections
• Fireplace side of home typically was stone
• Log homes most common through 1798
• Side of home with most windows faced South for solar gain
• Lower set windows = subordinate role of house

• Brick: not common in our area
• Georgian: gable roof with gable end chimneys
• 4 Bay Wide Houses: Typically two front doors to make home look symmetrical
• Transitional Houses: Georgian to Federal to Greek Revival
• Georgian = more solid
• Federal = more delicate/fancy
• Greek Revival: Wide, heavy trim used on eaves

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