COVID 19 Update for Sellers

Kim Bartells
Published on April 27, 2020

COVID 19 Update for Sellers

If you are thinking of SELLING your home, there are still things you can do now so that once the stay-at-home order is lifted, we can get you on the market quickly.

Keep in mind, when I list your home one of the most important times to have my skills and knowledge is during the staging and repairs phase, and in the first two weeks. Going ‘active’ on the market without professional knowledge could cost you in price and terms.


  • Take a video tour of your home and send it to me via text or email.  I would break it up into sections: outside, first floor, basement, second floor.
  • I will review the video and research relevant sales as I would normally. I will also review the video for staging and repair recommendations.
  • We can have a Zoom meeting (google hangout, or what’s app are other options) and discuss pricing and staging needs.
  • De-cluttering and painting are good ways to improve your homes appearance and add value.  Do that now while you have some time. Remove wallpaper, freshen trim paint, and paint walls a white or off-white color.
  • All listing documents can be emailed and signed electronically.
  • I will send you a tip sheet on taking photos of your home.  Cell phone pictures are a bad idea. One exterior shot on a bright, sunny day is a must.
  • Your home can be listed as ‘Coming Soon’ for now – no showings will be allowed and days on market will not be counted.
  • Once we get the all clear to start showings again, we can switch to Active status and get the professional photographer out to your home for photos and the video tour (expect delays here).
  • You’ll beat most other sellers to the market if they haven’t prepared like we have.
  • If it’s imperative that you list now, I can use your photos and get your home in the MLS as active.  Understand, this is not a route I would recommend. A buyers first impression (online) is the most important when it comes to receiving qualified offers and it needs to be handled by a professional in order to secure the highest price and best terms.
  • Some homes have gone under contract without buyers physically walking through properties.  They will have a contingency that allows the buyers to inspect and tour the home once the ban is lifted. This is almost certain to create many agreement terminations, especially with all the new listings that will appear within the same time frame.

I hope these tips help you understand your options as a home seller right now.

There is a bill in the PA House that is the second and final attempt to have real estate classified as an essential business. I will have more news on that this week.

In the meantime, if you have any questions in reference to selling your home, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Stay well.


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